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How do I access electronic resources of the e-library?

Using your unique membership ID and PIN, you can access electronic resources from any computer or devices—on or off the premises. All libraries provide unrestricted access to e-resources from any computer or devices using internet.  You will find links to e-resources throughout library search and discovery catalogs and systems. E-library? is a good place to start.
Ask a Librarian.

How do I find materials?

Start with the search box on the E-?Library home page which ?has suggestions for locating different types of materials. Please note that not all library resources are fully represented in the online catalogs; if you don’t find what you are looking for, Ask a Librarian.?

I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQ – where can I get more help?
Try Ask a Librarian for library and research-related questions.?

Are there group study/meeting spaces in the library?

The Ibom e-library has group study/meeting spaces. Visit the Facilities? page and filter by Amenities.

How do I find out about printers, scanners and availability of Copiers?

All these are provided at the Reprography Unit. Consult the individual library web pages for more information or use the “Amenities” filter on the home page?

How to purchase materials?

You can use this form to suggest items for purchase or click Bookshop link.

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