Electronic Books

Academic Research, Rare & Special eBook Library

More than 2,000,000 academic research, rare and special eBooks full-text fully downloadable from the year 1,000 till today covering among others the following subjects: agriculture, astronomy, anthropology, sociology, economy, history, technology, math, chemistry, physics, commerce, management, music, fine arts, literature, languages, education, medicine, military science, biology and government. eBooks available in over 230 languages. Over 200 collections searchable either individually or in custom-built groups to maximize researchers productivity.

Interactive Electronic Learning

K-12 Interactive Learning Platform

Electronic learning platform to help K-12 students, teachers and parents maximize academic achievement in math, physic, chemistry, biology, language and core skills such as writing and reading. Provides thousands of interactive educational tools to satisfy students core learning styles: visual, auditive and kinesthetic. Resources organized upon age, grade, and subject area including educational games, interactive simulations, online math practice, teachers worksheets and lesson plans, parental training course and personalized e-mail based counseling. Ask your librarian for user and password.

Electronic Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals

Full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages. Over 600,000 articles from 3,000 carefully selected journals. Key subjects area include but are not limited to engineering, technology, math, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, agriculture, business, management, history, history, fine arts, and finance.

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