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More than 2,000,000 academic research, rare and special eBooks full-text fully downloadable from the year 1,000 till today covering among others the following subjects: agriculture, astronomy, anthropology, sociology, economy, history, technology, math, chemistry, physics, commerce, management, music, fine arts, literature, languages, education, medicine, military science, biology and government. E Books are available in over 230 languages. Over 200 collections searchable either individually or in custom-built groups to maximize researchers productivity.

Access information for World eBook Library:
Content in the platform:
  • 4 Million eBooks spanning 1000 years of publication dates
  • 5 Million Encyclopedia Articles
  • 5,000 Video Books
  • 100,000 Audio Books
  • 9,000,000 Journal Papers
  • 21,000 Journal Titles
  • 8,000 Publishers
  • 135 Countries represented
  • 125 Years of journal publications
  • 100 Scholarly and Scientific Subjects

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