The Ibom e- Library is a State owned library with digitized and electronic materials that can be accessed by users through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The e-library also has hard copy materials on a wide variety of subjects including: General works, Computer science and Information, Philosophy and psychology, Religion, Social sciences, Language, Science, Technology, Arts & recreation, Literature, History & geography.

Children Library

The children multimedia unit has computer systems that are equipped with early childhood software and instructional materials. The unit provides intensive computer training for children and hosts an annual Catch Them Young project where children are trained on a variety of computer related areas, are tested afterwards and the winner travels abroad for a month during the holidays to further their training.

Facilities & Services

The Library also has other facilities and provides the following services:

  • Board room and meeting room lease
  • Children Multimedia
  • Library Grounds and rooftop lease
  • E learning Centre
  • Multimedia Language Laboratory
  • Smart Classroom
  • Short term Office Space
  • ICT centre
  • Amphitheatre/video conferencing hall
  • Crèche and Daycare
  • Reprography

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