The Ibom e- Library is a State owned library with digitized and electronic materials that can be accessed by users through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). The e-library also has hard copy materials on a wide variety of subjects including: General works, Computer science and Information, Philosophy and psychology, Religion, Social sciences, Language, Science, Technology, Arts & recreation, Literature, History & geography.

Our Facilities

The Ibom e-Library is designed to offer value to its various functional areas.

Our facilities include a State of the Art Video Conferencing Hall, Children Multimedia, e-Learning facility which is primarily designed for ICT trainings, e-Testing Centers and Certification undertakings, Board/Meeting Room for leasing, Short-term Office Space, Crèche and Daycare, a Smart Classroom and Reprography Unit.

ICT & E-Learning Center

The Akwa Ibom E-Library ICT Training Center is an Information and Communications Technology outfit that offers a range of professional certifications in ICT which has be proven to be of good impact to institutions. We aim at providing quality services designed to meet the needs of our clients and partners.  The ICT training center partners with the best institutions in the world to offer a variety of excellent programs and opportunities through our online e-learning, training and consultancy services.


Our services

Aside from the primary service of the eLibrary which is accessible via the OPAC, it has physical books with 860 sitting capacity for offline reading users and also has a massive parking lot that can accommodate 250 cars. The Akwa Ibom State E-Library offers a wide range of services ranging from Boardroom and Meeting Room lease, Children Multimedia, Library Grounds and Rooftop lease, E-Learning Centre, Multimedia Language Laboratory, Smart Classroom, Short-Term Office Space, Amphitheatre/Video Conferencing Hall, Creche and Daycare and Reprography

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E-Library Bookshop

The e-Library bookshop boasts of genuine materials from well read and best-selling authors; with a computerized inventory and excellent customer service you can expect an enjoyable shopping experience.


Instructional Technology Workshop

Our Smart Classroom is a traditional lecture style teaching space that has available technological equipment that can be used to aid and enhance instruction of a course.



Our Creèche has a wide range of age-appropriate toys and books that encourage your child’s development and, as she gets older, stimulate creative, imaginative play.